The flexibility and precision of the Dedo 400D is based on it’s unique optical design, when used with barndoors the evenness of the light from edge to edge and the homogeneous spectral distribution means a controllable clean beam that outperforms similar wattage lights by quite a margin.  The really amazing feature and flexibility of the light is really apparent as soon a lens attachment is added – here you have absolute precision, including clean gobo projections (no colour fringing and no hotspots) and the ability shape light with incredible accuracy.

With two Academy Awards alone for the 400D, the design of the dual lens optical system is what puts it in a class of its own, this allows for extreme efficiency with unparalleled control. When designing the 400D Dedo wanted to create a new standard for lighting fixtures in this class, a higher focusing range (4 – 50 degree), perfect light and colour distribution, and superior accessories.  The 400D continues to be one of the most popular and unique lighting instruments available to Cinematographers and Gaffers today – if you have not experienced its potential, we suggest you request a demo to see what it can do for you!