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Beyond HD – Stand 325


Tel:  +44 20 7193 6143

Email:  keith@beyondHD.tv

Pinewood Studios based BeyondHD have been at the forefront of stabilised camera platforms and services for the film and tv industry with over 15 years experience and more than 5 years filming with high end cine drones.

Whether filming Hand-held on our SteadiSeg personal tracking vehicle, remote head with the Mantis Remote controlled vehicle or with complete camera mounting flexibility on our exclusive all-terrain eATV electric quad-bike BeyondHD provide the highest levels of equipment and crew for your production.  For aerial filming we offer the most advanced cine and tv drones and the world exclusive Cavalon Pro, CAA commercial GyroCopter with 5-Axis Gimbal.

Flexibility and interchangeability of payload across all our vehicles and aircraft is facilitated by using the very latest stabilisation technologies from the likes of FreeFly and our exclusive partners Dynamic Perspective.

BeyondHD  –  Cameras-in-Motion

  • Commercial Gyrocopter Aircraft
  • Cine/TV Drones
  • Electric Quad-bike
  • Remote controlled vehicles
  • SteadiSeg Personal tracking vehicle