BSC Expo Cinec 2018

CINEC 2018

The BSC Expo team were at Cinec 2018 and filmed a range of interviews with manufacturers, cinematographers and industry gurus:

IMAGO – interview with board members Nina Kellgren BSC, Elen Lotman ESC, and Ron Johansen ACS

Excellence in design by Arri, Philip Vischer introduces the Lightweight Matte Box LMB 4×5

Talking about Cameraimage 2018 with Kazik Suwala, Festival office Director at Cinec 2018

Infinity Photo Optical; applying the science of microscopy to cine lenses

The metadata workflow revolution, with Transvideo, Zeiss, Ambient Recording and Pomfort

Les Zellan, Cooke Optics at Cinec 2018

Fujinon MK T2.5 cine lens and SLR Magic Anamorphic adaptor at Cinec 2018

Sony: The VENICE Extension System at Cinec 2018

Oliver Christiansen, Founder of Cinefade at Cinec 2018

Gavin Scott, Managing Director Azule Finance at Cinec 2018

Paolo Di Medio of Photonia at Cinec 2018

Stephen Chappell, Sales Director cmotion GmbH at Cinec 2018

Michael Zeiss, Sales Director, Gecko Cam GmbH at Cinec 2018

Mark Fellinger, Director Idea Vision GmbH at Cinec 2018

Marty Oppenheimer, Oppenheimer Camera Products at Cinec 2018

Quasar Science Q-LED Rainbow Linear LED Lamp featuring RGBX

What makes Sony such a huge player in the film and television industry?

Zeiss Supreme Prime lenses – Cinec 2018

DMG Lumière by ROSCO MIX LED Light Panel – Cinec 2018