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Cirrolite – Stand 610


Cirro Lite supply Kino Flo, Dedolight, Lightning Strikes® & SoftSun®, Matthews and Cirro Mist products to the UK and Europe. We also offer a full design service for studios and technical service for all our equipment.
For over 20 years Cirro Lite has been the most innovative lighting equipment supplier in the industry. Cirro Lite also has a large selection of equipment available for viewing at its showroom in London.

About our equipment:
Kino Flo are the premier providers of colour correct fluorescent and LED lighting systems for feature film, commercial, television and studio lighting applications (eco friendly) and more recently in the stills market where the DSLR cameras are demanding high quality continuous soft light. Kino Flo are also well known for their studio lighting design solutions and lighting installation advice. Whether for Digital Video Lighting or film, Kino Flo pride themselves on solutions that provide high quality images.
Dedolight are renowned for providing some of the best optically designed lighting instruments currently available. Dedo products are used for lighting feature films, commercials, documentaries, television studios, still and DSLR work, and can be applied to almost all photographic applications where quality images are required. They are renowned for their lighting kits and precise optics.
Luminys Systems Corp (formerly Lightning Strikes, Inc.) manufactures high-intensity lighting systems for applications where image quality is paramount. We serve motion picture and television production, live events, entertainment venues, high-speed testing applications, and other industrial and professional uses. Our Lightning Strikes® and SoftSun® lighting products have garnered numerous awards, including Technical Achievement Awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and an Emmy from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
Matthews – One of the original grip manufacturers from Hollywood – renowned for their innovation and design. Matthews today continues a long established reputation for making the best lighting and camera grip equipment as well as setting the standards for reflectors, fabrics, scrims and many of the standard grip accessories used on all types of production from film to the stills photographic studio.
Cirro Mist – Cirrolite design and manufacture mist machines that produce a fine haze that differs from the transient fog created by smoke machines. The main difference is not only the quality but also the consistency of mist that will hang to provide an atmosphere. At Cirro Lite we pride ourselves on producing a fine light mist safely; our mist machines are made to be extremely robust and user friendly. The systems are available through our dealer sales network.