Using reflected light is as old as imaging.

Working with reflectors with different surfaces is also becoming quite common.
Such materials and surfaces are commonly available.

To explore the amazing potential of reflective light and multiple reflectors in sequential or linear arrays offers creative lighting – structured and gentle.

The most effective gateway to this common practice is new within this concept.

• Offer the illusion of natural light deriving from a far distance (even in confined areas).
• Our parallel beam parabolic DPB70 enhances this illusion by the effective use of a virtual light source from considerable distance behind the actual fixture.

After careful evaluation of all available systems, the DPB70 was chosen for the natural light illusion in the new “Ad Astra” movie.

There is now also an incredible choice of parallel light based on the 21 different dedolights, which on their own excelled in an awarded and patented non-spherical optics for clean and powerful spot performance, not achieved by traditional Fresnel lights.

The parallel beam intensifier attachments for all of these lights perform the miraculous multiplication of output and reach, adding 300% or 400% in output in comparison to the already astounding spot performance.

Now available for all the 21 different focusing dedolights, soon also for the smallest one, the Ledzilla.

This unprecedented choice of ideal tools for reflected light practice finds application in blockbuster movies, TV series, commercials, documentaries all the way to tabletop and animation.