BSC Expo Exhibitor Directory

7-9 April 2022.  Battersea Evolution, London


Caldwell Lenses - Stand 349
Camberwell Studios - Stand 605

Camberwell Film Studios (London) is an independent film facility with two Film and Video production studios for hire 7 days a week. Both studios are good for sound. We have kit, grip, and sundries on-site. We can supply cameras and lights for hire. And a friendly flexible ‘get-things-done’ approach.

Tel no. 020 7737 0007

Camera Revolution - Stand 344

Suppliers of specialised camera Remote systems. From the Libra self stabilised wireless remote system to the Maxima hand held system including all the associated accessories and fully qualified technical support. Also Wire systems for flying cameras, people and SFX from simple point to point to full repeatable 3D wire solutions.

Canon (UK) Ltd- Stand 308

Join Canon on stand 308 to enter a world of exceptional image quality with limitless creative control. Showcased over the two days will be a selection of the latest kit, including the ground-breaking Cinema EOS range including the C500 Mark II and a selection of our Full-Frame cinema prime lenses – Sumire, with a specially designed ’cinematic look’ and interchangeable PL mount. Not forgetting our award-winning DLSR cameras, with the EOS 5D Mark IV and the EOS R System taking centre stage.



Carl Zeiss - Stand 301

The NEW ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses enable cinematographers to create beautiful, consistent and controlled flares in the image while maintaining contrast and avoiding transmission loss. Yet, they offer all attributes of a modern cinema lens: large-format coverage, high speed, robustness and smooth and reliable focus – all in a small, light-weight package.

CARTONI - Stand 142

Cartoni designs, manufactures and markets highly professional support hardware and systems for the motion picture and television industries. The company prides itself on its engineering ability and leading technology, and is internationally recognized in the industry as a pre-eminent brand for camera support equipment.

Constant innovation has ensured the company’s success. CARTONI owns and uses 34 different patents on Fluid Action and Counterbalance Systems

Cartoni operates exclusively from the Company Headquarters, in Rome, Italy.

With a variety of 21 different fluid heads calibrated in capacity and performance for every shooting need, Cartoni offers the widest range of fluid camera support heads on the market.

The sales network covers 65 countries in the 5 continents. The Company offers an unprecedented 5 Years quality warranty.


CCK Media - Stand 103

CCK Media is the supplier of Data Storage and Archive Solutions for Digital Production and Workflow. CCK Media supply a range of storage products for Production, DIT’s, Digital Lab Service Providers, Post-Production and Archive.

Chimera Lighting - Stand 136

CHIMERA designs and manufactures quality lighting control products for film, video, and still photography. Our lighting products consistently help professionals worldwide deliver perfect light, which often results in award-winning imagery.

At the BSC Expo this year you can explore the relaunched compact, portable Panel Frame system, alongside the industry standard Chimera softboxes for LED and hot light sources.

Based near Boulder, Colorado, USA, Chimera has been designing and manufacturing lighting control accessories for nearly 40 years. From the original Illuminata light bank, which was inspired by the design of compact and rugged high-altitude tents, to the continuing development of products for an ever evolving imaging industry.

Chroma-Q - Stand 131/330

Ideal for film and broadcast, Chroma-Q®’s Space Force twobyfour™ LED soft light panel will be making its official BSC debut, on show with its little brother the onebytwo™ and the original award-winning Space Force™. The powerful Brute Force™ LED quarter ‘Wendy light’ alternative will also be on demonstration.


Cine Power International - Stand 538

We’ve got the Power…..

We definitely have lots of  good clean reliable power for camera, lighting and grip.

Each of these departments have a need for reliable and robust sources of battery power.

With our extensive range of batteries, DC power solutions, lightig ballasts and accessories we are able to supply

just that.  ALL our batteries are “Safe to Fly” without restrictions and without special packaging.

Using our DC Driver  the Arri Skypanel S60 and S120 can run at FULL power from a regular 30V Cine Power lighting battery.

One of our specialities is supplying power to the Grip department, they have a need for reliable robust and high quality battery power.  We have an extensive range of batteries to choose from for Grip applications.  Magnum 60, is a high powered NiMH dual output battery  which has proven itself to be one of best sources of portable power, together with the HD30 dual output battery these two batteries are a popular choice from our extensive range and  together with the well proven and respected Powerbank battery are used to power all the leading remote heads currently in use today.

The Camera department too is in need of reliable and robust power as today’s digital cameras are very power hungry indeed.  The need to have the camera “on”  for extended periods means that the camera needs a battery that is able to deliver the power instantly and at all times.  We have the power for them too. There are several styles, shapes and capacities suitable for all popular HD cameras and High Speed cameras to choose from.

In fact we do have the largest and most versatile, safe,  rechargeable battery range available to choose from.  ALL auto fast charge and guaranteed to give you long performance life of at least 4 – 5 years before requiring re-cell.

We look forward to seeing  you at the show, and helping you with your power requirements.


CineArk - Stand 137

Our west London based, bespoke storage facility specifically designed for Film & TV crew offers:

  • 24 Hour access
  • Free delivery/collection PV & ARR
  • Onsite equipment maintenance and engineering
  • Space to prep
  • PAT testing, monitor calibration, equipment hire.

High security warehouse equipped with CCTV, Grade 4 Alarm system, full ‘any risk’ insurance

Cinelab London - Stand 12

Cinelab London is a film laboratory offering film makers the choice to shoot on film and content owners to digitise and restore their archives.  Services include film processing 8/16/35/65mm film, telecine, film scanning, digital grading, film recording, 35mm prints, content digitisation and content restoration.

Cinelex - Stand 324

Proudly manufactured in the UK, Cinelex offer the only universal wireless DMX light control system designed specifically for TV & film production.

SKYNODE is the market-leading universal wireless DMX add-on, with thousands of units sold and used on sets across the world.

Embracing the latest protocol standards, Cinelex offer a truly universal standard in wireless DMX lighting, meeting the specific needs of TV & film production. From major movie blockbusters, to Netflix TV shows – Cinelex is the go-to solution for wireless DMX lighting control.

Cinematography Electronics - Stand 643

INTRODUCING, CineTape2, with over 50 enhancements, including Wireless and Bluetooth Connectivity, in a smaller lighter case.

INTRODUCING, AIR Mobile2 the perfect long distance wireless companion to the CINETAPE2.

Since 1976, Cinematography Electronics has been a leading manufacturer of professional camera accessories, including the original world standard CineTape Measuring System.

Cinemoves - Stand 344
Cineo Lighting/NBC Universal - Stand 350

Introducing the NBCUniversal LightBlade® Series – versatile production lighting modules featuring reference-quality tunable white light combined with a separate Rec.2020 saturated color system, available in multiple configurations. Lighting professionals can selectively layer saturated color on top of white light, providing endless options for different shades, tints, and tones without sacrificing the white light quality critical for production and broadcast lighting.

The basic Lightblade module is a linear 4’ fixture that can be used individually, or “clicked” together on mounting plates that adapt 1, 2 or 4 Lightblades to standard grip gear. Developed by Cineo Lighting, the Lightblade outputs up to 8,000 lumens of high-CRI white light, tunable from 2700K to 6500K. The white light output can be blended with the built-in high-output RGB saturated color engine, providing unlimited lighting control possibilities. Each Lightblade is powered by 24VDC and controllable via DMX and RDM protocols.

The LightBlade series also includes two additional pre-configured systems: the Lightblade Ladder, and the 4’ x 4’ Lightblade LB1K.

Building on NBC Universal’s patented innovations, the Ladder integrates 12 Lightblades in a 14’ vertical configuration, ideal for lighting set backdrops. The Ladder light can be controlled as a single fixture or as 6 independent zones. This offers the ability to change color and intensity in different regions being lit by the Ladder, including mimicking movement and shadowing within a single fixture.

The LightBlade LB1K is a 1,000 Watt soft source composed of 20 individual Lightblades in a 4’x4’ footprint making a sleek and powerful lighting tool, both on-set or on-location. The LB1K features a simple user interface with an intuitive control panel for local control, and both wired and wireless DMX/RDM remote control. The LB1K can be managed as a singular-output lighting tool, or can be mapped into 10 zones across the fixture surface that can create dynamic lighting environments such as motion and chromatic effects.

The NBCUniversal LightBlade combines NBCUniversal’s decades of production and broadcast experience with Cineo’s award-winning proprietary technologies, providing new tools for motion picture, television production, broadcast, and concert touring.

Cinescope - Stand 250

We are a Cine-Lens company based in London and have teamed up with the world leaders in a true cinema design lens manufacturing TLS (True Lens Services).

Cinescope will bring to you brand new amazing lens products and conversion projects that represent the very cinematic core of todays international film industry. Our flagship product is the full frame rehoused Leica R.


Cintek - Stand 349

Cintek specialises in Cinematic technology. Exhibiting the all new Tokina Vista range of  lenses, 18mm 25mm, 35mm, 50mm ,85mm from Tokina and some great new lenses from Gecko-cam.

Cirro Lite (Europe) - Stand 527

Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd

25 years of collaboration on features, commercials, SFX & broadcast with Academy Award winning: Kino Flo, Dedolight, Matthews Studio Equipment, Lightning Strikes and SoftSun.

cmotion - stand 117

cmotion have designed, developed and supplied quality lens and camera control solutions to both the film and broadcast market since 2002. And, by embracing the latest technology, cmotion have been able to enhance and improve functionality for existing product lines as well as introduce ground-breaking innovations based on feedback and inspiration from our customers, strategic partners and worldwide focus puller community.

cmotion reacts quickly to market changes and are proud to be one of the world’s most respected lens and camera control manufacturers, synonymous with functionality, reliability and ergonomic build quality.

With wireless products ranging from the budget driven compact ONE, cvolution – the industry’s most modular and multifunctional LCS, and now, the cPRO line offering unique wireless camera control for ARRI, RED and SONY cameras, PLUS exclusive integration with unique cmotion products including Cinefade VariND and cvision, there is a cmotion solution for everyone

Codex - Stand 121
Cooke Optics - Stand 548

Seen for the first time at BSC EXPO: NEW Cooke S7/i Full Frame Plus and Cooke Panchro/i Classic prime lenses. More: Cooke S4/i, Cooke Anamorphic/i, Anamorphic/i SF (“Special Flair”), and the Cooke S4/I and miniS4/i lenses with and without coatings.

Core SWX - Stand 631

Core SWX is an American manufacturer of cine and broadcast batteries (V and Gold mount), camcorder batteries and intelligent charging solutions. Helix is a dual 14v/28v solution with simultaneous voltage output, suitable for the latest high draw cameras and lights. Core’s NEO Mini is a cost-effective 16A Peak (12A continuous load) 98Wh battery with outstanding build quality, versatility and durability. Visit the stand to discover how Voltbridge-enabled chargers can dramatically enhance the efficiency of your battery fleet.

Creative Solutions - Stand 302

Creative Solutions is a combination of Teradek, SmallHD, and Wooden Camera. We design and manufactures premium products for broadcasters, film, and video production companies, independent content creators, and enterprise businesses. Our products are used around the world for sports, news, live events, film and television production, and online streaming.


Current RMS - Stand 225

Current RMS is a fully cloud-based rental management software with real-time kit availability figures, sub-rent options for any shortages, quote creation on the go, crew allocation to jobs, barcode scanning for booking kit in and out, invoicing options and a quarantine for lost or damaged equipment, keeping everyone in the loop.


CVP - Stand 001 - The Mezzanine Floor

CVP has created a showcase of the latest leading production equipment, including the return of the popular lens bar. The space provides visitors with impartial expert advice and the opportunity to explore a wide range of solutions to find the right combination for each unique project.

Daylight Grip & Textiles - Stand 338

Daylight Grip & Textiles Ltd. have serviced our industry since 2000.


We design and manufacture a complete range of performance textiles for location lighting, photographic and entertainment industries. We also offer a full rage of flags, scrims and eggcrates.


To compliment the above we have designed individual bags for the same plus sand bags, scrim bags, stand bags etc.

De Sisti

De Sisti is a world Leader in the sector of Professional Lighting Systems since 1982.
Innovation, technological research, high performance, customer service and the highest international safety standards are the most significant company features.

De Sisti Lighting focuses primarily in the broadcast, film, video and architectural industry.

All products are designed, manufactured and tested at De Sisti’s factories, where several teams of professional and experienced specialists work hard to achieve brilliant results with excellence and quality.

The company supports all of our products and lighting system installations at the factory level and with a well-organized worldwide network of distributors and dealers.

De Sisti continues to invest in its products and systems with upgrades and R&D development to keep up with technological advancements in the industry as well as with the LED technologies.

The Brand is currently leading in important innovations in SSL Lighting (LED), with International Patents and Optimized Optical Systems. 

This combination of quality products with high efficiency optics, offers great
advantages to our customers



Definition has been inspiring the cinema and broadcast worlds since 2003, revealing the latest technologies and trends and predicting the future for every aspect of the ever-changing professional market from capture to distribution. Definition is the only dedicated monthly publication whose mission is to keep key decision makers informed of the latest developments in production technology.


Digital Orchard - Stand Digital Orchard talent Bar - Mezzanine Level

Digital Orchard provide film and digital services, from capture to post. Designed with our partners, The Talent Bar is part of our campaign to help underrepresented groups progress in the industry.  Open to all, this is a place for new talent and established film-makers to mix and make positive change. is the World’s leading resource for high quality 360 ° driving plate production services and stock footage.

Established on the US West Coast in 2011 the company opened a UK office and web site – – in 2018 so the library of nearly 10,000 clips from over 120 cities in 28 countries (and rapidly growing European selection) can now be supplied through our London office.

If something production specific is needed, like your hero streets, specific location or historic backdrop then can send out a UK based crew and patented camera rig to shoot for you, as part of the main unit or completely independently.  Our entire kit fits in just a couple of bags so we can travel light and it all works on an unmodified car, so ordinarily, we don’t need any road closures.

Samples of our work will be running throughout BScExpo in the Theatre between seminar sessions, but recent productions we have supplied include: The Irishman, The Joker, Bohemian Rhapsody, The White Crow, COBRA, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Sex Education S2, Brassic S2, In The Log Run S2, Chimerica, Castle Rock, The Post, Designated Survivor, The Commuter, Man in The High Castle, American Gods, Big Bang Theory and The Intern.

We love to talk about plates, so come and have a chat with us at the show, even if you don’t have specific requirements right now.

We don’t have a stand, but if you call or text our BSCExpo HOTLINE on 07926 670 727 we can arrange to meet and we can show you our extended reel.

Or contact us any time on 0203 697 5737 or

Dunton Cine Engineering - Stand 560

Dunton Cine engineering will be showing new lightweight Moy track, Pneumatic Bazookas , Lens mounts and associated engineering products.

Dunton Projection FX- Stand 560

Dunton Projection FX will be running a showreel of recent projects.

Egripment Camera Support- Stand 440

Egripment Camera Support Systems, manufacturer of high-end camera support systems and remote broadcast solutions for the film and broadcast industries.

Founded in 1976, Egripment has a long reputation of manufacturing a wide range of camera support and remote broadcast solutions, for sale or rental, to TV productions, concerts and sporting events across the globe. With a product line that includes cranes, remote heads, dollies and tracking systems for Cinema, Modern Size Smaller cameras and ENG Broadcast cameras, Egripment is the only manufacturer that can offer adequate supply and service for events requiring large quantities of special camera support equipment.

Egripment’s ongoing research and development programs, combined with its strict control due to the inhouse production, ensure that all of its products are not only the very latest in design, but also are manufactured to meet the highest international safety standards.

Egripment’s range of products includes Camera Cranes, Remote Controlled Pan and Tilt Heads, Camera Dollies, Mobile platforms and Tracking systems.

Add to this, Egripment’s Solutions for Virtual and Augmented Reality as well as Studio Automation which makes Egripment the most versatile camera support manufacturers nowadays.

More information can be found at                                     

Egripment BV

Machineweg 22                                                Phone: +31 294 253988

1394 AV Nederhorst den Berg                    Fax: +31 294 254658

The Netherlands                                              Email:










Exalux - Stand 523

EXALUX is a French Manufacturer in LED light, dimming, power and control for the broadcasting and cinema markets.

The EXALUX team designs lighting solutions and remote-control systems that reflect its values: innovation, user-friendly and eco-friendly.

Both technological and user-centric innovations are essential to enable professionals to create complex lighting sets in all situations.

It is for this purpose that EXALUX unveils new lighting and control products at BSC Expo 2020 (Battersea Evolution, London) between, Friday 31st January to Saturday 1st February on Stand 523.

Floating Motion - Stand 643

Floating Motion are specialist agents for grip manufacturers representing Panther, ProSup, Solid Grip Systems, Muraro, Tuffpak & Easy Steady.

Part of Oakleaf Broadcast Services we have been providing camera support solutions to the Film and Television Industry across the UK and Ireland. Location and Lot services can also be arranged.

Focus24 - Stand EO3

The Focus24 Group, including Motion24, Canning24 and Action99, will be displaying their latest innovations in camera stabilisation & associated technologies.

The F24 Group encompasses specialisms in high-end commercials and short-form packages, bespoke long-form hire and services, and unique camera movement tools, stabilised heads and high-speed tracking vehicles.

Focusbug Technologies - Stand 125

Focusbug Technologies of Canada manufactures the Cine RT System:  An ultrasonic rangefinder/tracking system released in 2017 and now used by hundreds of focus pullers worldwide.  Supported by major lens control systems, the Cine RT improves traditional rangefinder utility via contemporary computing solutions and design incorporating years of camera assisting experience.   

Fujifilm UK Ltd. / FUJINON Cine Lenses- Stand 549

Try the latest range of full-frame Cine Zoom lenses – the Premista 28-100 T2.9 and 80-250 T2.9-3.5. Purpose built cinema zooms designed to compliment the highest performing primes without compromise. These lightweight lenses are identically sized and weighted to maximise production efficiency.  Don’t miss your opportunity to stop by and check them out

Important security note:

If you wish to bring in any cameras or filming equipment (other than mobile phones) into the Expo during the open period of the you must have prior consent from BSC. Consent must be requested on or before Tuesday 28th January 2020 to ensure it can be dealt with.

If you do not apply for this, it will delay you entering the exhibition and mean your goods will have to be stored in our offices during your visit. You can apply for consent by emailing