Exhibitor Directory 2023

Ambersphere Solutions / Astera LED
Stand Number: 156

At Ambersphere Solutions we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality in entertainment lighting products from our partners Astera, Ayrton, MA Lighting, Robert Juliat and Zactrack.

We offer our clients a full range of sales, service, support and training across our product range with our friendly, knowledgable staff always available to help.

Astera develop and manufacture the brightest and most compact wireless spotlights on the market with creative accessories, modern features, sturdy materials and IP65 waterproof housings.

All lights can be controlled by a simple-yet-powerful app that lets you create and send complex effects and settings without having to set DMX addresses and sliders.

Designed to be flexible and work for a range of usages. Spotlights can be used to wash walls, lights can be used indoors and outdoors and work wirelessly as well as when hard wired for bigger or longer events.

Unit 8 Western Av Business Park, Mansfield Road, Acton London, W3 0BZ