Exhibitor Directory 2023

Stand Number: 308

We’ve got the Power…..
We definitely have lots of good clean reliable power for camera, lighting and grip.
Each of these departments have a need for reliable and robust sources of battery power.
With our extensive range of batteries, DC power solutions, lighting ballasts and accessories we are able to supply just that.
ALL our batteries are “Safe to Fly” without restrictions and without special packaging.
Using our DC Driver the Arri Skypanel S60 and S120 can run at FULL power from a regular 30V Cine Power lighting battery.
One of our specialities is supplying power to the Grip department, they have a need for reliable robust and high quality battery power. We have an extensive range of batteries to choose from for Grip applications. Magnum 60, is a high powered NiMH dual output battery which has proven itself to be one of best sources of portable power, together with the HD30 dual output battery these two batteries are a popular choice from our extensive range and together with the well proven and respected Powerbank battery are used to power all the leading remote heads currently in use today.

The Camera department too is in need of reliable and robust power as today’s digital cameras are very power hungry indeed. The need to have the camera “on” for extended periods means that the camera needs a battery that is able to deliver the power instantly and at all times. We have the power for them too. There are several styles, shapes and capacities suitable for all popular HD cameras and High Speed cameras to choose from.

In fact we do have the largest and most versatile, safe, rechargeable battery range available to choose from. ALL auto fast charge and guaranteed to give you long performance life.

We look forward to seeing you at the show, and helping you with your power requirements.

Magnolia Lake