Exhibitor Directory 2024

Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd
Stand Number: 237

Cirro Lite offers new cutting-edge lighting and rigging innovations at the BSC Expo this year. Each manufacturer unveils revolutionary products that push the boundaries of technology and redefine industry standards.

Kino Flo’s MIMIK. Step into the future of lighting control. Introducing a new level of naturalistic lighting, controlled through a desk or a media server. Fully compatible with current VP screens and capable of automatic conversion of video images into a full spectrum colour output, MIMIK represents a significant leap forward. Additionally, Kino Flo showcases the already-in-use FreeStyle Air, offering seamless integration, colour quality and stability in a lightweight rugged package.

Fiilex takes centre stage with the G3 Color. This 90W full-colour ellipsoidal showcases razor-sharp cuts and a unique 360-degree rotating barrel. The result is a film-grade lighting experience that not only sets a new benchmark for brightness but also eliminates colour fringing, ensuring a uniform and brilliant output. Fiilex’s G3 Color stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to advancing both quality and functionality in the world of cinematography.

Dedolight. While retaining the classic fixture format, Dedolight NEO controller provides enhanced connectivity and dimming. Compatible with existing accessories, the NEO system offers users an upgraded ballast without sacrificing familiarity. Dedo will also be showcasing a new background lighting system and new reflectors.

Matthews brings forth a host of innovations in rigging solutions. A new pipe rigging system offers flexibility and efficiency on set. The v2.0 Matthellini adds to Matthews’ legacy of top-notch Hollywood grip equipment. These innovations reflect Matthews’ commitment to providing the industry with state-of-the-art tools for seamless production execution.

Litemover. The new Litemover brings flexible automation to any location or studio. The range of adaptors keeps growing with 1m mirrors and all the latest heads being catered for.

Pheon Lux. New to Europe, Pheon Lux emerges as a successful brand with a proven track record offering a range of quality products, featuring fully developed colour software. Among its offerings, the Air Lux stands out as a brilliant inflatable range, epitomizing high-quality products at excellent value. Pheon Lux’s inclusion in the Cirro Lite line-up further enriches the exhibition with diverse and innovative lighting solutions.

Finally, witness the enchanting capabilities of the PMI Smoke Genie, the market’s most versatile mist machine. Designed for all types of shooting scenarios, this smoke machine is equipped with an array of fun tricks, adding a layer of creativity and ambience to productions.

3 Barretts Green Road, London NW10 7AE