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De Sisti
Stand Number: F8

De Sisti is a leading worldwide manufacturer for Lighting & Rigging system in the professional industry since 1982.
With a strong emphasis on craftsmanship and performance, the company has been responsible for numerous major technological advances both in the electromechanical and photometric areas of luminaire development. In the recent years we have decided to pay great attention to the environment, so we have switched all of our products from traditional lamps to LED fixtures, and fitted all of them with High Efficiency Solid State Sources.

Headquartered in Rome, Italy, the company presently operates in 30 countries around the world. This extensive network enables the Company to provide unmatched levels of service and customer support while maintaining its leadership position on the creative advancement of the art of Lighting.

Our ranges can meet all kinds of requirements, as they includes Fresnels, Softlights, Spacelights, “The Muses of Light” and so much more.

Our products come in a variety of different ranges that can meet any need or requirement:

– Fixed White Range: our Fresnels (F4.7-F6-F7-F10-F10HP-F14HP) and Softlights (S1-S1XL-S2-S2XL-S4-S8-S8XL) are available in Tungsten or Daylight CCT.
– Vari-White Range: the same Fresnels and Softlights models in the Fixed White range are also available in Vari-White range, with adjustable CCT from 2700K° to 6500K°.
– Vari-White + Color Range: This innovative series utilizes the latest LED technologies promoting ultimate performance with extensive versatility to produce the highest quality of white light with infinite possibilities of Colors. Fresnel: F4.7-F7-F10; Soft: S2-S2XL-S4-S8-S8XL.
– Light Box VW+C: innovative product made to allow old Lamp Houses to utilize a LED super contained device to operate similarly. Multiple accessories available to increase the device versatility.
– Super LED F10 SHP: a new powerful 470W Fresnel with 250mm (10”) lens and ULTRA WIDE FLOOD 78° BA; available in Fixed White and VW version.
– Piccoletto Color FLEX: a Multi Optic fixture adapted to the Piccoletto Fresnel.
– Space Light: 300W fixture equipped with De Sisti Vari-White LED engine and precise +/- Green correction functionality.
– Super LED F20: high efficiency Fresnel lens spotlight using the innovative High Power 1000W internally designed LED Array, in combination with the De Sisti Internationally Patented optical system for LED Fresnel.
– “The Muses of Light”: a series of high power, large format LED fixtures specifically designed for Cinema and Location. The range counts 11 fixtures, coming in different geometrical forms, dimensions, powers and optics.

Via Cancelliera, 10a, 00041 - Albano Laziale (Roma)