Exhibitor Directory 2024

Stand Number: 237

Dedolight are renowned for providing some of the best optically designed lighting instruments currently available. Dedo products are used for lighting feature films, commercials, documentaries, television studios, still work, and can be applied to almost all photographic applications where quality images are required.

Dedolight are excited to introduce the next generation of their LED precision lighting instruments: Dedolight NEO. While retaining the classic fixture format, Dedolight NEO controller provides enhanced connectivity and dimming. Compatible with existing accessories, the NEO system offers users an upgraded ballast without sacrificing familiarity.

The new DTN Dedolight NEO LED ballast will drive the latest Dedolight NEO light heads, from 20 to 90 Watt: monocolor, bi-color, infrared and ultraviolet. The system will auto-sense the connected light head and automatically adjust the electronic settings and display.

Key features: deep smooth manual dimming, high-speed flicker-free mode up to 50,000 fps, simple, intuitive menu, OLED display, DMX, perfect 8-bit or advanced DMX control (16-bit, smooth or linear), firmware upgradeability, wireless control via Lumen Radio CRMX and Bluetooth.

Dedo will also be showcasing a new background lighting system and new reflectors.

Dedo Weigert Film GmbH Karl-Weinmair-Str. 10 80807 München, Germany