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Stand Number: 117

Deity Microphones has become a go-to choice for location sound mixers in the cinema and television industry, addressing their unique needs with precision. Notably, the THEOS Digital Wireless system stands out, offering not only reliability and high-quality wireless audio but also featuring a built-in 32-bit float recorder and timecode. This comprehensive solution is tailored to the dynamic demands of location sound professionals, ensuring both accuracy and versatility in their audio setups.

In conjunction with the THEOS system, Deity Microphones provides the TC-1 Wireless Timecode Generator. This tool plays a crucial role in maintaining precise synchronisation in the fast-paced environments of cinema and television production. Addressing the specific challenges of location sound, the TC-SL1 Timecode Slate facilitates efficient timecode management on set.
Completing the lineup is the SPD-1 Smart Power Distribution unit, a seamless solution designed to meet the power distribution needs of location sound mixers. With a commitment to user-friendly features and unwavering reliability, Deity Microphones continues to be the trusted companion for location sound professionals in the ever-evolving world of cinema and television production.
These featured products merely scratch the surface of the diverse and comprehensive solutions Deity Microphones has to offer for location sound mixers in cinema and television, showcasing our ongoing commitment to providing a full range of reliable and user-friendly tools.

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