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DoPchoice GmbH
Stand Number: 133

DoPchoice helps cinematographers get smoother, softer, more directional, and controllable output via SNAPBAGS, SNAPGRIDS, SNAPBOXES, Rabbit-Ears and Rabbit-Rounder mounting accessories. They’re ready with solutions for existing and new LED lights, including new elegant solutions for Lightbridge’s Precision Reflectors and super soft indirect diffusion for 1×2 Panels.

Look out for the new Snapbridge Glide Kit, designed with a white, soft mode and dark, negative fill mode to add unique spill control for the Lightbridge Precision Reflector. By adding a soft DoPchoice bounce around the Lightbridge Precision Reflector, the Snapbridge helps create a soft, beautiful light source that offers full creative control and the ability to add a soft but punchy look, without bulky gear. The ready-to-go kit features: a Snapbridge 5-foot Shallow, one each 50×50 Lightbridge DIFF2 and DIFF3 Precision Reflector, one Speedbag 50, one C-Wheel Receiver, one Grip Bag, one Lightbridge 16mm Extension, and Cleaning Cloth.
For popular 1×2 Panels, DoPchoice presents the SNAPBAG AIRGLOW. A new indirect soft light for fixtures such as the Creamsource Vortex8.

DoPchoice’s Octa 5’ SNAPBAG works with RABBIT-EARS adapter to fit ARRI Skypanel X. Along with the Octa 3’ and Octa 7’, the SNAPBAGS each deliver smooth and even illumination across the front with or without a baffle. The larger the Octa, the softer and smoother the light output around the subject. Octa Rabbit-Ears Snapbags fit a variety of softlights and are perfect for enhancing the beauty of your subjects, showcasing products, or capturing captivating portraits.

The Rabbit-Rounder is the versatile method for mounting Snapbag softboxes, Octas and lanterns to a growing range of fixtures from: Aputure, Fiilex, Nanlux, and now Kelvin Epos, using industry standard Bowens mounts. The Rabbit-Rounder solution makes setting up a Snapbag easy and intuitive. For directional light SNAPGRIDS® can swiftly affix to round and rectangular Snapbags.

To go big on set, there is the FAT-RABBIT, the easy solution for mounting large Snapbags, including 8-ft Double-Hex and 6’x5′ Snapbags, to large and multiple fixture arrays for ARRI Skypanel 360, Triple/Double DMG/Rosco MAXI Mix, Prolight XL Panels, and Litepanels Gemini 2×1. The rugged Fat-Rabbit Frame adjusts to fit with telescoping rods to accommodate form factor and corner adapters made to fit most LED panels.

Machtlfinger Straße 21, 81379 Munich, Germany
Tel:+49 89 95 45 742-42