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Stand Number: 237

Fiilex is leading the way in the transition of LED Fresnels in the motion picture industry. In 2014, using their patented Dense Matrix LED technology, Fiilex released an award-winning 180W CCT tuneable LED Fresnel that comes with advanced colour science, allowing a high output light to maintain very high CRI and TLCI in the full CCT tuning range.

In 2019, Fiilex completed a major update to its product line and released its first Q-Series “COLOR” Fresnel, which includes RGB colours. Since then, Fiilex expanded the “COLOR” capability to the full product line: from Q5, Q8, Q10 to P3 and Matrix. All Fiilex COLOR products now share the same colour index profile and work seamlessly together as a group. Over the years, Fiilex has been recognized as a leader in manufacturing the best LED light source for the television and film industry.

This year Fiilex takes centre stage at the BSC Expo with the G3 Color and Q3 Color.

The G3 Color is a cinema-grade 90W full-colour ellipsoidal with razor-sharp cuts and a unique 360-degree rotating barrel. The beam produced from either the 19° or 36° lens tube is uniform and bright without any colour fringing. At the core of the G3 is the latest generation of Fiilex’s patented Dense Matrix LED that adheres to the highest standards of dimming and colour calibration. The G3 ellipsoidal gives you full control and can be rigged and hidden anywhere on production sets. Fiilex’s G3 Color stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to advancing both quality and functionality in the world of cinematography.

Q3 Color is a cinema-grade 90W full-colour Fresnel that packs a ton of features into its compact two-kilogram housing. Almost a point source, this LED is capable of producing crisp shadows and clean barndoor cuts. Its IP-X5 rating and flexible mounting options also means it can be used and rigged in harsh and dynamic environments. No other portable LED fixture can match the Q3’s combination of power, size, and control.

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