Exhibitor Directory 2023

Stand Number: 237

Fiilex is a California-based solid-state lighting brand. It specializes in designing and producing industry-leading color tunable LED hard lights for the motion picture and broadcast TV/video industries. Since the brand launched in 2014, Fiilex released a long list of innovative and award-winning color-tunable LED products to the market. The color science and dimming curve developed by Fiilex over its proprietary high-density multi-channel LED platform is well recognized as the gold standard by many top professionals in the field.

In BSC 2022, Fiilex presented its flagship Fiilex Q10 Color, a powerful 900W LED fresnel which is positioned as a modern-day 5K tungsten. As a fresnel, this bright fixture allows high-quality colors to be called out quickly and delivered to the desired places. It is a cutting-edge product that helps productions move faster and more efficiently.

For BSC 2023, Fiilex will present a new 90W G3 Color, an ellipsoidal spotlight constructed specifically for the motion picture industry. This new fixture features a rotating yoke barrel for easy aiming of the light and advanced optics that delivers uniform and clear projections. This is a product that will give precise lighting control to users.

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