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Stand Number: F19

Filmotechnic is a multifaceted high technology company, manufacturer, leading innovator and one of the world’s largest and most respected suppliers of specialized camera equipment and camera support solutions for Film and Broadcast production. We are a client oriented company as we collaborate closely with filmmakers all around the world to engineer their vision and bring it to life
through the beauty of camera movement. We provide conceptual solutions not only to achieve creative goals but exceed them. Throughout history, Filmotechnic has been the source of ground-breaking technologies and numerous industry-firsts. With over 30 years of industry experience and advanced knowledge in every aspect of camera movement, Filmotechnic developed and introduced to the market a big variety of innovative products: stabilized remote camera heads and remote platforms, robotic mobile arms, camera manipulators and pantographs, ultra-light carbon fiber telescopic camera cranes and fixed-arm cranes, camera jibs, remotely operated camera dollies and high speed rail systems as well as a fleet of high performance camera car systems.Our world-renowned technologies in camera movement and image stabilisation, such as Academy Award winning Flight Head and U-crane, camera crane Cascade and Traveling Cascade have made a significant impact on the film industry. The great vision of our leader and tireless efforts of our driven and passionate team have helped us to develop unique camera technologies and set new revolutionary trends. With a rich history and global footprint, Filmotechnic proudly delivers equipment to world’s biggest feature films and broadcast productions. Our camera systems have kept up with Tom Cruise on Mission Impossible, seen Michael Bay’s Transformers, chased Terminator and Batman, flown above Titanic, tracked singers at Eurovision Song Contests and MTV Music award ceremonies, pursued Formula 1 and Formula E racing cars, followed Avatar and fought Orcs shoulder to shoulder with the brave Hobbits. The company’s equipment is known for its versatility, precision, and ability to capture complex shots that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional camera setups. The company received numerous international awards for its achievements and developments in cinematography.

1 Filmotekhnichna Street, 07301 Vyshhorod, Ukraine
Tel:NL: +31 6 47234820; UA: +380505013741