Exhibitor Directory 2023

Stand Number: F8

Filmotechnic is a multifaceted high technology company, global innovator and manufacturer of specialized camera equipment for motion picture, TV and advertising industry. Throughout history our company has been the source of ground-breaking film technologies and numerous industry-firsts. We are a client oriented company as we collaborate closely with filmmakers all around the world to engineer their vision and provide them conceptual solutions to achieve their goals. Our world-renowned technologies in camera movement and image stabilisation, such as Academy Awards winning Flight Head, U-Crane, Cascade and Traveling Cascade revolutionized the world of filmmaking and became industry standards by which others are measured.

Filmotechnic has over 30 years of experience and expertise in development, design, manufacturing, service, sales and rent of camera remote systems, such as stabilized camera heads and robotic arms, lightweight telescopic camera cranes, long reach sectional camera cranes, remotely operated camera dollies, overhead camera rail systems and other innovative camera support equipment which are used to shoot many of your favourite movies and TV shows. We provide our clients with the high-performance equipment to exceed the most demanding expectations and capture breathtaking and never-before-seen footage of all types.

With a rich history and global footprint, Filmotechnic proudly delivers equipment to worlds biggest feature films and international broadcast productions. Our camera systems have kept up with Tom Cruise on Mission Impossible, seen Michael Bay’s Transformers, chased Terminator and Batman, flown above Titanic, tracked singers at Eurovision Song Contests and MTV Music awards, pursued Formula 1 and Formula E racing cars, followed Avatar and fought Orcs shoulder to shoulder with the brave Hobbits.

With advanced knowledge in every aspect of camera movement Filmotechnic has developed some of the industry’s versatile, advanced and stable fleet of high performance camera car systems in the industry that are capable of carrying virtually any camera package and enable highly dynamic, stunning and precisely controlled volumetric and complex on-the-fly shots from just about any angle.

1 Filmotekhnichna Street, 07301 Vyshhorod, Ukraine
Tel:NL: +31 6 47234820; UA: +380505013741