Exhibitor Directory 2024

Stand Number: 305

Flowcine is a Swedish manufacturer specialising in state-of-the-art camera stabilising systems from vehicle mounts to Steadicam™ and gimbal support systems.

The following products will be on display:

xSPINE – a versatile rigid vest compatible with gimbal support systems, Steadicam™ systems and handheld Easyrig™ systems. Fully customizable to fit any body type.

xARM – a double articulated Steadicam™ arm with incredibly smooth start and end stops, and an impressive boom range of 110cm/3.6ft.

xBONE – a lightweight carbon fiber Steadicam™ back mount compatible with any professional arm or vest.

xR3ACH – a third-section-arm Steadicam™ back mount, an impressive extended boom range, excellent for trinity operators.

GLINK – a gimbal operating support system with our spring core technology that absorbs body movement and the greatest boom/pan range on the market.

Katarina Bangata 71, 116 42 Stockholm, Sweden