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Focus Canning
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Focus Canning is a London and Newcastle based bespoke camera facilities provider. Our ultimate aims are to enrich the creative power of cinematographers whilst making life as easy as possible for the Camera Department. After all, tools of the trade should be satisfying to work with.

This year Focus Canning will be demonstrating new and exclusively available lenses created by our in-house subsidiary, No.9 Optics. Some of the lenses we are working with have not been used for over 75 years. We are not simply ‘re-housing’ lenses but preserving an almost extinct species; a ‘reincarnation’ of classic optics paired with a youthful and reinvigorated body.

Please visit our stand to get an up-close look at our first project; Astro Berlin Pan-Tachars which were often chosen in the Hollywood Golden Era to film classics such as Citizen Kane.

Unit 9 Vision Industrial Park, London, W3 0AF & Unit 7, Hawick Crescent Trading Estate, Newcastle, NE6 1AS
Tel:02070 336555