Exhibitor Directory 2023

Stand Number: 107

Founded in 2016, Hedge is a Dutch startup that simplifies complex media workflows from acquisition and asset creation to post-production and archiving. Hedge was born out of the need to facilitate the offloading of media assets securely, quickly, and efficiently. Its flagship app quickly became an industry leader and is loved for its speed, ease of use, and powerful features. Built on Hedge’s core technology and staying close to its Dutch Design foundations, Canister simplifies the use of affordable and secure LTO tapes for the purpose of archiving and backup. Combined with the simplicity of Thunderbolt LTO drives, it has made LTO accessible to more workflows and productions. 2017 saw Foolcat come to the limelight, a tool to create beautiful camera reports. Bringing Hedge’s signature efficiency to post-production, in 2019, Postlab was launched. It made remote collaboration affordable for every editor working from home and in the studio, enabling productions to redefine how they worked during pandemic lockdowns. As part of their mission to close all time-consuming and error-prone workflows gaps, in 2021, Hedge acquired the software assets of Divergent Media, bringing EditReady and ScopeBox into the family, swiftly followed by Mimiq, the industry-leading Avid bin-locking technology, in 2022. Today, Hedge’s 30-strong international team develops and supports a range of apps and tools useful from camera to deliverable. Renowned for their stellar customer support, Hedge’s products are in daily use by over 50,000 customers all over the world, from Hollywood productions to wedding shoots and everything in between.

Sint Bonifaciuslaan 102, 5643NE Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Tel:020 7495 7005