Exhibitor Directory 2023

Stand Number: 002

IDEA VISION products are very robust, flexible and easy to use. We believe in ongoing new product development and we’re always finding new ways to problem-solve, so that, at the end of the day, your task becomes easier, quicker to achieve and more cost-effective.

The most recent products are the “Hybris” Shock Absorber, the “Vybris” vibration isolator, “AXL” compensation axis and the ultra-flexible VacuMount carrig system. All IDEA VISION products are easy to use, easy to adapt and easy to handle.

What is the Hybris?
It is a custom designed and magnet-based shock absorber to reduce high and low frequency vibrations and hard impact shocks. Those are typically experienced when shooting from moving platforms on rough terrain or paved roads. The fact that it operates without contact means it is wear-free and unaffected by weather conditions.

What is the Vybris?
The Vybris isolates the Cameras, Gimbals and Heads from the mounting structure and removes high frequency vibrations in the X, Y and roll axis. The isolator easily flips from overslung to underslung use and is usable on all vehicles, camera cranes, dollys, etc. The Vybris uses custom designed silicone dampers and magnets.

What is the AXL?
The AXL compensation axis is the world’s lightest iso dampener, helping you to expand the boundaries with a more massive camera or long lens during shooting with remote head. This dampener increases gimbal heads’ efficiency by reducing rotational stress and smoothening out pan errors by isolating high-frequency vibrations between the mount & head. Because of our state of the art technology we are damping without hydraulic dampers. No leaking and no issues with heat or cold.

What is VacuMount
A lightweight, resistant, and ultra-flexible active vacuum mounting platform that delivers a multitude of rigging possibilities with ultimate functionality. The VacuMount system is ideal for mounting cameras, gimbals, camera heads, lights or other accessories on all smooth surfaces such as windows, cars, walls etc.! With the VacuMount System you can take shots with the camera directed at the driver from the front of a car (off the hood), or from the side of a car – the VacuMount System covers these applications entirely.

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