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IDX Technology Europe Ltd
Stand Number: 358

IDX, one of the earliest manufacturers specifically for the Broadcast battery industry, starting in 1989 we are using our extensive knowledge to further improve our offerings to assist camera operators.

New CinePower Range:

This range introduces the new 28V B-mount batteries and charger.
These will be the first products to satisfy customers who are looking for IDX quality in a B-mount form. Designed for the Arri cameras using the B-mount, as well as lights and various other products utilising this form factor.
The HV-160B (153Wh) and HV-320B (275Wh) include USB-PD In + Out, USB-A and D-Tap.
Also, an LCD Display that can display a range of detailed battery information such as capacity remaining, life cycles and more.

To compliment these, the BL-4SX 4-channel simultaneous quick charger, developed to charge IDX CinePower range batteries. Offering a clear LCD display to identify the current charge state of the batteries.

New Imicro-PD Range:

This range has now been expanded with the addition of an even smaller model, the “Imicro-50P”, which is an extremely compact and lightweight unit.
Ideal for users that require a lightweight, low profile power solution for applications such as directors’ monitors.

The Advanced D-Tap socket has been replaced by the universally accepted USB-C PD socket, giving the user multiple voltages out to power a myriad of compatible equipment, also allowing the batteries to be charged via a USB-C charger.
The second output is a conventional D-Tap socket.

Digital data gives an accurate level of battery capacity, with compatible broadcast cameras and equipment. Externally the LED indicator also gives a guide when off equipment.

Duo Compact Range:

Now comes with a versatile USB-C PD socket. Offering a maximum input/output 60W to appropriate accessories. As well as 80W output via each of the two D-Taps.

SBU/PD Range:

Sony BPU Type that now comes with a USB-C PD Socket.
Giving the user options to power compatible accessories up to 45W on the SB-U98/PD and up to 30W on the SB-U50/PD.

USB-C Charging:

With modern technology shifting to USB-C, IDX have included USB-C PD on all the batteries mentioned above. With an IDX UC-PD1 or UC-PD2 USB-C Charger, users can now have a small, powerful charger compatible with several ranges of IDX batteries. Imperative for users on the go where space saving is essential.

IPL Powerlink Batteries:

Offering extended run times and stacked charging, as well as USB, D-Tap and D-Tap advanced connectors.

391 Edinburgh Avenue, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4UF