Exhibitor Directory 2023

Kino Flo Lighting Systems
Stand Number: 237

At the BSC Expo 2023, Kino Flo will be demonstrating the new MIMIK and FreeStyle Air series. The MIMIK is a patented full-spectrum solution video lighting tile that mirrors video content and doubles as a light source on virtual sets. Driven by the Megapixel Helios processor, the MIMIK maintains the colorimetry of the incoming RGB video signal. The three color RGB video signal is translated to full spectrum five color Warm White 2700K, Cool White 6500K, Red, Green and Blue LEDs. Since the MIMIK video tile uses the same video signal, it can be synchronized with other video displays. The MIMIK tile operates at a high refresh rate of 30kHz and 16-bit depth enabling camera speeds of up to 960 fps with no flickering at low light levels. A lighting desk can be used to control light levels and select the video image used on the MIMIK through the Helios processor. The MIMIK can be configured to work in parallel with other video displays / processors.

The FreeStyle Air is a lightweight fixture series compatible with Kino Flo’s existing FreeStyle systems, twist-on mounts, extension cables and LED-140 & LED-150 series controllers. The 3 available sizes range from 20.7” to 39.6” in length with a narrow profile of less than 2”. This portable panel series offers the advantages of easy deployment and favorable cost of ownership to current FreeStyle owners and operators. In addition to its compatibility, the FreeStyle Air offers corner bumpers for 4-point rope hangs. Its rigid construction prevents any flex when handling and safeguards the integrity of its components. Usable LED life is extended with a proven passively cooled design that ensures color and luminosity remain stable over the rated life of the LEDs. Ease of maintenance is built into a user-serviceable design. The FreeStyle Air delivers Kino Flo’s renowned Color Science LED technology in this lightweight addition to the range.

• Kelvin presets & custom settings, 2500K-9900K
• Dimming without color shift
• Green/Magenta control
• Dial in any color through Hue Angle and Saturation control
• Kino Flo presets and Gels
• RGB, CIE xy, FX (Effects) control
• Camera Profiles (LUTs), Color Space
• Manual & DMX Dimming, DMX wireless (Lumen Radio)

2840 North Hollywood Way, Burbank, California 91505, USA