Exhibitor Directory 2023

Stand Number: 419

Premium lens manufacturer Ernst Leitz Wetzlar offers BSC Expo attendees the chance to try out their newest Leitz Cine Lenses.

The new Leitz ELSIE full frame primes are delivering now. They combine a gentle field curvature and fall off of focus and illumination for a unique character that extends well beyond full frame. They combine a distinctive look and classical humanistic beauty for a mutable character that will find a home on a large variety of productions. Purpose-designed for cinematography, they are free of breathing and aberrations and span 13 focal lengths from 15mm to 150mm.

The Leitz HUGO series, delivering in Q1 2023, use the same full frame optical design and glass elements as Leica’s iconic M photography lenses. Built into cine-specific housings with adequately spaced gears and expanded throws, they remain compact and lightweight while improving close focus by about half. Ten focal lengths from 18-135mm keep a consistent T1.5 aperture through all but the longest focal length. Also included in the set is a 50mm T1.0 based on the Leica Noctilux-M lens. HUGO’s image features a strong field curvature that draws the viewers’ eyes to the center and gives the feel of vintage optics but with modern coatings that control flares and allow comfortable shooting in challenging lighting situations.

The beautiful full frame LEITZ ZOOMs offer a humanistic look that renders faces with classical elegance and matches all the Leitz cine lenses while also pairing well with other lenses in the market. The ZOOMs maintain a consistent T2.8 aperture throughout the ranges of 25-75mm and 55-125mm. Available in swappable PL or LPL mount, they complement any camera package looking for flexibility and attractive images.

The new Leitz LPL Mount for Sony VENICE/VENICE 2 cameras makes using multiple lens formats a breeze. It offers metadata pass through from lens to camera via /i contacts on the mount, it is designed to accommodate lenses with rear optical protrusions such as the Leitz HUGO and vintage rangefinder optics. An LPL-to-PL Mount Adapter with metadata pass through makes changing between formats on-set as simple as changing a lens.

Don’t miss the Leitz HENRI directors viewfinder system. Based around the L mount used by both Leica SL2 cameras and the Sigma fp L camera, it provides rock-solid camera and lens support through an L-to-LPL mount and can be paired with the Leitz LPL-to-PL mount for maximum lens flexibility.

Am Leitz-Park 2, 35578 Wetzlar, Germany
Tel:'+49 6441 20311 900