Exhibitor Directory 2024

Stand Number: 107

Lightbridge continues to push the envelope of reflected light with a new focus on layered lighting.
Introducing Snapbridge-Glide. Lightbridge is known for the Cine Reflect Lighting System (CRLS) which creates very natural looking, spill light free, diffused light from your favorite natural or artificial light source. (Yes, you read correctly – it’s the industry’s first directional diffused light that does not need addition tools to control!) At BSC Expo 2024 Lightbridge will demonstrate how the range of Precision Reflectors in 5 dependable grades, in 5 sizes becomes a versatile keylight, offering maximum artistic control.

Best of both worlds: Lightbridge and DoP Choice
Also, new at BSC for the first time, Lightbridge and DoPchoice join forces to introduce Snapbridge™. The compact Snapbridge Glide Kit features a unique DoPchoice 5′ octagonal ultra bounce with a Lightbridge Precision Reflector at center, ready to add controllable punch into the soft light source. Snapbridge offers 2 modes: Softmode produces light that wraps around a face beautifully thanks to the ultra bounce surface, and the central CRLS reflector gives it the needed complexity to turn a simple setup into an beautiful keylight. Turning Snapbridge around achieves Darkmode’s negative fill around the Precision Reflector that results in less spill on the talent—all on one easy to set up stand, minimizing the on-set footprint.

Lightbridge thanks the many DPs and Gaffers who contributed their opinions and input, and attended our many seminars to help create and perpetuate LIGHT THAT FEELS RIGHT.

Karl-Tornay-Gasse 38/6