Exhibitor Directory 2023

Motion Impossible Ltd.
Stand Number: 412

At BSC Expo 2023, we will be demonstrating SKYTRAX, COLUMN, MAGTRAX, AGITO Commander and AGITO Creator.

It has been almost a year since MAGTRAX was released and what year it has been!

MAGTRAX has been production proven in World Strongest Man, 94th Academy Awards, GIANTS Live, UFC Vegas, H&M Commercial, Commonwealth Games, Burberry Fashion Show, Coldplay concert in Buenos Aires, QVC, Elton John Tour and many more other live events and productions.

MAGTRAX is an extension to the existing Sports drive-ends that enables customers to follow a magnetic strip laid on a surface, underneath a carpet or embedded within a set. The magnetic strip is either an adhesive strip or square cross-section that can be laid in various creative ways beyond what you can do with a regular track.

AGITO SKYTRAX is now available as an addition to AGITO TRAX that mounts the track to the underside of the truss for lifting into the air. The AGITO TRAX runs enclosed through the "hoops", and various payloads can be fixed underneath the AGITO TRAX.

AGITO COLUMN has been developed for heavier camera payloads and can support up to 50kg in combination with AGITO TRAX or AGITO SKYTRAX.

With the introduction of the COLUMN in conjunction with AGITO TRAX and SKYTRAX, we have a range of products and solutions specifically for broadcasters. Our broadcast solutions enable the high-precision and agile control of the tracked dolly when using column-mounted camera heads.

And finally, we are showcasing AGITO Commander and AGITO Creator. The AGITO Commander is a proof-on-concept HTML5 based control software application that enables you to control an AGITO and the AGITO Creator, is our first CINEVERSE® powered pre-release application for creating interactive AGITO configurations using Unreal Engine.

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