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Stand Number: 421

PAG is the UK based designer and manufacturer of the world’s most technologically advanced portable power solutions for cameras and accessories used in cinema and TV production. PAG is best known for its PAGlink Intelligent Linking Batteries, which are available in a compact, lightweight format called Mini PAGlink; comprising V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries, in 99Wh & 50Wh capacities.

This year, PAG will be showing it’s new Mini PAGlink MPL99 Cinergy Battery. The Cinergy battery can combine its voltage output with that of any other 99Wh Mini PAGlink battery linked to it. It only does this when its integral sensor reads a barcode label applied to the battery mount of high voltage equipment . This makes it ideal for powering the Arri Alexa 35. Once removed from the mount, the Cinergy Battery reverts to low-voltage mode for charging with 14V chargers, or for powering low-voltage cameras. In this mode it can also be linked in parallel to combine battery capacities, which will increase camera run-time, enable more current for accessories, and provide hot-swapping for continuous power.

Mini PAGlink batteries can be charged in stacks on smaller chargers that are ideal for travel. If you travel by air, it is smarter to use linking batteries that have flight-friendly capacities than bulky, high-capacity batteries that are banned from passenger aircraft.

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