Exhibitor Directory 2024

Power Gems
Stand Number: 333

Power Gems will return BSC Expo on stand 333 with an exclusive preview of the latest addition to our range of low-cost PWM power supply modules for LED. GEMwash, the new LED fixture for large-area lighting completes a young family of LED products on display, which includes the the 70W LED bi-colour GEMtile, an extremely lightweight, broadcast-quality replacement LED ceiling tile for standard 600mm/2ft commercial office style fixture.

Also, the LED controllers, PWM40 and GEM6. The PWM40 is the world’s first high power (3kW) power supply and LED PWM driver for up to 40 channels of 12V or 24V LED light source, such as ribbon or panels. The off-the-shelf solution for control of LED ribbon and fixtures on sound stages boasts a high channel count, very high-capacity built-in power supply and lever release connectors.

The GEM6 controller, with six controllable channels and an input range of 12V to 24V for full-colour LED control or three channels of bi-colour, offers a wide range of ways to control LED ribbons and other LED-based fixtures. Rugged and compact, the GEM6 is capable of handling the highest power jobs, small enough to be hidden discreetly on set.

The GEM6 addresses the distributed way of controlling LED rather than the centralised way, which is the PWM40. You can easily mix those two approaches on the same set. Using lots of small units, like the GEM6, near the point of use can help with cable layout and volt drop.

Power Gems are well-known in the TV and film industry for the design and supply of 1000 Hz high-speed HMI ballasts. Power Gems will showcase the GEN 2, a reimagining of the traditional HMI ballast, bestselling 18kW, synonymous with Power Gems for the last 30 years. Every parameter has been improved ─ size, weight, noise, ambient temperature range and ability to withstand harsh mains conditions. The rugged GEN 2 offers proven reliability, safety and stability when operating in extreme environments and has a unique modular design for easy maintenance. 1000Hz operation comes as standard.

Patrick and the Power Gems team will be at Stand 333, eager to show you the full range of 1,000Hz high speed HMI ballasts and the latest cutting-edge LED control products for film and TV production.

Unit 1, Fairhills Trade Centre, Fairhills Road, Irlam, Manchester M44 6BA
Tel:0161 776 7030