Exhibitor Directory 2023

Preston Cinema Systems
Stand Number: 445

Preston Cinema Systems has been providing innovative camera and lens control systems for over 30 years. The Micro Force zoom control began this tradition by using force sensor technology to control zoom speed. In the years since its introduction, it has truly become the "industry standard" control.

Our FI+Z system has provided the motion picture industry with several breakthrough technologies. It was the first to employ 2.4 GHz spread spectrum technology for a wireless lens and camera control and was the first to provide digital motors for lens drives. These technologies have brought a uniquely high level of reliability and confidence to the film set such that the FI+Z is now considered a mainstream requirement on film sets worldwide.

Our Light Ranger 2 (LR2) provides groundbreaking enhancements to the art of focus pulling. Focus assist graphics are overlaid the camera image displayed on the video monitor. The graphics show the direction and amount the focus knob must be turned to bring subjects within the lens depth of field. This intuitive representation of focus allows an immediate response to changes in the camera to subject distance.

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