Exhibitor Directory 2024

Prolight Direct Ltd
Stand Number: 210/218

Prolight Direct Ltd offers the finest selection of professional Film and TV continuous lighting equipment
Aladdin are one of the most innovative lighting manufacturers in the world. They produce beautifully crafted flexible and now also foldable lighting fixtures with unsurpassed colour quality, from the Bi Colour Flex Lite to the new Mosaic , nothing compares.
Nanlite & Nanlux have been in the lighting/imaging industry for over 30 years, meaning they have a vast knowledge of the pressures the industry demands. With that, they have developed, designed and built the most advanced lighting fixtures that have been constructed with reliability and durability in mind.
Lightbridge develop cutting edge reflectors that have come from a collaborative process on and off set with DP’s and gaffers. Everything is designed and built with a small, highly specialized team in Austria.
Exalux design distinctive LED lighting & lighting-control solutions for the photo, film and entertainment industries. All products are designed, engineered, and made in France.
Fxlion is a manufacturer of professional lithium-ion batteries and chargers for the cinema/broadcast industry. With over 20 years of experience in this sector they are able to guarantee high quality and durable products with a reputation among industry professionals for creating innovative and forward-thinking products such as the Nano-Series batteries.
Sumolight are a professional LED film and TV lighting manufacturer. Their fixtures combine high light output with outstanding light quality. They are extremely rugged and lightweight and the new SUMOMAX is IP65 Pixel Mapping and passively cooled, designed to withstand the rigours of daily use on set. With interchangeable lenses from 120-60-30 degrees and a host of other accessories they make the ideal choice for the professional filmmaker.
Pess Energy produce green energy portable light weight, high density, high performance, battery power banks.
Whether you’re filming outdoors, in an extreme zone or in a low-emission zone, our mobile energy solutions will enable you to be self-sufficient and help improve your carbon footprint.
Our Wattman and Bobine battery generators can cope with any situation. They offer manoeuvrability, thanks to their all-terrain wheels and perfect ergonomics, and autonomy, thanks to their high power and ability to be taken anywhere.
Combined with a solar recharging solution, our battery generators take you off the grid and give you total energy self-sufficiency.

Unit 4, Woodcock Hill Estate, Harefield Road, Rickmansworth Herts. WD3 1PQ
Tel:0203 475 1963