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qinematiq GmbH
Stand Number: 443

Qinematiq is an award winning developer and manufacturer of the most advanced range finders on the market from Vienna/Austria. CEO Martin Waitz started his career 35 years ago at Arri. After leaving Arri he co founded cmotion. During his years there he got his first academy award. 10 years ago he parted ways and founded Qinematiq to provide the best distance measurement and focussing solutions on the market.

Two products will be presented: the Smart Ranger 2 combines traditional ultrasonic measurement with so called TAGs – tiny tracker boxes – for long distances. They work up to 80m/260ft and can be placed nearly anywhere like inside cases, behind glass or walls, etc. TAGs are perfect for measuring in environments where lots of movement is happening.

The second product is the Focus Buddy, the first ever add-on for Cinetape and Arri UDM range finders but can also be used stand alone.

Both systems are able to help with autofocus. Since cine servos are widely used in broadcast and live environments the devices are able to control those lenses directly without the need of a LCS. Both Canon and Fujinon are fully supported.

Millergasse 21/5, 1060 Vienna, Austria