Exhibitor Directory 2023

Stand Number: 138

Rosco has been a leader in products for the film, television, and broadcast industries since 1910. Over the past 113 years, we have expanded into more than a dozen product categories, which now includes the innovative LED lighting fixtures and backdrop solutions that will be on display at BSC Expo 2023.

RDX LAB System
Partnering with VFX experts at FuseFX, and drawing from our extensive Rosco Digital Imaging library, we have engineered an exciting new virtual production technology to provide easy-to-use background imagery that can be manipulated by filmmakers inside LED volumes. BSC Expo attendees will have the opportunity to test the system on a state-of-the-art LED wall and see it alongside one of our popular SoftDrop backings.

DMG Lighting
The patented MIX® Technology integrated into each DMG fixture includes six LEDs (Red* + Lime* + Amber* + Green + Blue + White) that produce a wider gamut of colors than traditional RGBW or RGBA fixtures. MIX Technology also enables the DMG fixtures to generate a full-spectrum white light with a 1700K – 10,000K colour temperature range. Filmmakers have also found the Rosco DMG Lights to be especially pleasing when lighting talent because the *phosphor-converted MIX LEDs produce more of the wavelengths found in all human skin tones.

DMG DASH will be on display inside the Rosco stand to give filmmakers in attendance a chance to see why DASH has become one of the industry’s most popular pocket LED lights. We will also be previewing a new DMG DASH Octa Kit that contains eight fully accessorized DMG DASH fixtures inside a rolling charging case that can fully recharge all eight lights in under three hours.

Filmmakers that visit Rosco’s BSC Expo booth will get to experience the power and versatility of the Triple DMG MAXI. Three lightweight & powerful DMG MAXI lights can be daisy-chained together and attached to a Triple MAXI Yoke to create an ultra-bright light source that is easy to control on set.

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