Exhibitor Directory 2023

Stand Number: 353

SUMOLIGHT is a German based manufacturer of lighting systems for professional film and TV-productions. Founded in 2011 by gaffers and photographers, their experience on set is in the DNA of all SUMOLIGHT products.

Their first bicolour light, with interchangeable lenses, lightweight and completely passive cooling, together with innovative and versatile light-shaping tools, set a new standard for the industry. Its successor, the SUMOSPACE, won the 2015 Cine Gear Expo Technical Award for best lighting technology. In 2019, a unique mounting system, the SUMOSNAP, was developed, expanding the SUMOSPACE to a true modular lighting system.

Today, three new products continue to revolutionize studio and broadcasting lighting. SUMOSKY – an interactive, quickly-expandable LED backdrop for smart VFX integration. SUMOMAX – a versatile, high-lumen output and modular light, which can perform as a keylight, hardlight, punchlight, spacelight or softlight. SUMOLASER – a world first, using lasers for unbeatable brightness, massive reach and extreme narrow beam.

In high demand, SUMOLIGHT LED fixtures are chosen by lighting creatives for productions across the globe. SUMOLIGHT has facilities in Berlin, Los Angeles and London.

Colditzstr. 33
Tel:'+49 30 3389 2985