Exhibitor Directory 2024

Technocrane s.r.o.
Stand Number: E07

Technocrane s. r. o. is the leading manufacturer of Telescopic Camera Cranes and remote controlled Camera Heads. With now over 600 cranes built and exported worldwide, Technocrane has a proven history in the television and movie industry.
Technocrane is now proud to announce launch of brand new products, Technocrane10 and Technodolly25.
Technocrane manufactures three product lines:
1. SUPERTECHNO cranes are the workhorses on every television show or big movie. Technocrane s.r.o. now launches the next digital generation: SUPERTECHNO+ with built-in tracking for augmented reality, targeting for precise head movements and gyro stabilization.
2. TECHNOCRANE is the perfect tool for a new generation of lightweight cameras. It is light, steady and is also equipped with tracking and targeting. TECHNOCRANE can be operated by just on one camera man.
3. TECHNODOLLY is the first of its generation: a programmable and fully automatic camera crane. With TECHNODOLLY, you can create movements of unlimited length and complexity, then you can repeat them with precision.

Podnikatelska 19, 30100, Pilsen