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The Grips Branch UK
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The Certified Grips Branch is the largest branch representing Grips, Crane Technicians and Grip Trainees within the London Production Division (LPD) of BECTU. We promote and work towards fair working conditions that promote family life, getting paid for every hour you work and good safe working practices.

We also aim to maintain quality and professionalism within our department through engagement, presence, training and promoting the national qualifications in professional competence for Grips and Crane/Head Technicians. We run a highly successful trainee scheme, that nurtures trainees through their early years to help to build a highly skilled workforce for the UK film industry.

Along side the training and union responsibilities of the branch, there is The Grips Branch Charity. What began in 2006 as a few members making monthly donations into an account, became a fully registered charity in 2017. The aim is to help members in need of a little financial support as and when required. As the number of donations has grown, larger companies started to put into the fund annually. Now, not only could the charity be beneficial to branch members, but, also to other members of the industry who needed help.

Bectu, 8 Leake Street London SE1 7NN
Tel:020 7346 0900