Exhibitor Directory 2023

Tiffen International Ltd.
Stand Number: 100

BSC Expo marks the worldwide introduction of Tiffen Black Fog and Night Fog diffusion filters. Black Fog combines the attributes of Black Pro-Mist with Fogs, resulting in a smooth, soft effect yielding wide, soft flare yet holding the blacks and maintaining shadow detail. Night Fog combines Fog with proprietary new Dark Con, light control technology to darken light areas, leaving shadows alone. The resulting Night Fog provides a unique atmospheric look. In strong grades it can flatten contrast and desaturate colour, useful for creating day-for-night. Paired with digital cameras, Black Fogs and Night Fogs can provide soft highlight glow reminiscent of the classic Double Fog cinematic look. Visitors can see Tiffen’s famous line of rectangular and round motion picture filters including new Warm Diffusions: Antique Black Pearlescent, Antique Pearlescent & Antique Satin.

For aerial shooting Tiffen displays professional light control ND Drone filters for today’s popular flying systems including DJI Avata, Mini 3, Mini 3 Pro, Mavic 3, Mavic 3 Classic, Air 2S, FPV, Inspire line, Pro etc.

Stand by for another first as Tiffen introduces a new filtering method in cooperation with another top brand in the industry.

For moving cameras Tiffen’s got it covered with authentic Steadicam systems. Steadicam M2 Series: the most modular customisable camera stabiliser system lets change out various length and diameter carbon fibre posts, Sleds base in Gold mount or V-mount, monitors, Arms, and go with or without Volt electronics built-in. Steadicam Volt™ active horizon assist measures and assists in holding any tilt or roll angle to maintain perfect level horizon. Also showing Steadicam in M2 Core kits which offer entry level into the M2 ecosystem that’s upgradable and future proof.

New Steadimate RS improves the user experience for Ronin RS2, RS3, or RS3 Pro by converting the handheld motorised gimbal to a full-body worn stabiliser. The addition of an Arm allows Steadicam type moves.

For bright news in lightweight location lighting, the next gen Lowel Tota LED XL daylight-balanced panel floodlight has an innovative foldable design, emits 11,200 lux of flicker-free continuous light. With 216 individual LEDs, the 8″ x 8″ panel produces a bright 60° beam at 5600° K ±200° K. With 98 TLCI and 96 CRI, this versatile floodlight renders vibrant colours and warm nuanced skin tones. Also showing the rest of the Lowel LED line including Blender XL, EGO, and the Rifa LED upgrade.

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