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Fuji – Stand 426

As with all content acquisition; lenses are the first point of entry for light. With the ever increasing number of 4K cine and television productions; extremely high optical technologies and mobility are required as standard for this level of enhanced, high quality filming. The new 4K XK6x20 (20-120mm) light-weight cine zoom (2.4kg) lens has numerous EBC (electron beam) coatings, detachable 16-bit drive unit, T3.5 across the entire zoom range, 200° degree focus rotation and 08.mm gear pitch. The capability to frame and shoot all of your shots with this single zoom lens without lens changes required when shooting with a prime lens; frees your creativity and accelerates work by increasing efficiency whilst filming on location. FUJIFILM is committed to empower creators with cutting edge optical technologies for motion picture productions around the Globe. Visit our stand to find out more: Stand No. 426

About Fujifilm

Fujifilm’s optical devices division has been engaged in the development and production of Fujinon TV & Cine lenses for over 50 years; enabling exceptional content creation around the globe. As a three-time (3) recipient of the prestigious “Emmy Award” for outstanding technological developments, the “IF Design Award” and “Red Dot Design Award”; Fujinon broadcast & cine lenses have repeatedly set the benchmark in the evolution of optical technology.

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For more information – Please Contact:

Orlander-Oliver Beckles
Optical Devices Department
Heesenstraße 31
D-40549 Düsseldorf, Germany

Mail: orlander-oliver_beckles@fujifilm.eu