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GBCT – Guild of British Camera Technicians – Stand TA4


Technology is changing rapidly in our industry and the GBCT takes pride in its members’ ability to be at the forefront of innovation as well as having a fundamental grounding in the traditional arts and practices of cinematography.  Whether a feature film, TV drama, commercial or high-end documentary, if a production chooses to shoot on film or digital, the GBCT has the technicians you will want on your production.  This is because the GBCT and its members are at the cutting edge of our art with training courses and seminars provided by the best of our talent.  It’s a resource unparalleled in our business.

In operation since 1977, the GBCT is a not-for-profit professional association of knowledgeable, qualified and craft trained camera technicians dedicated to upholding quality and standards in the industry.  Guild Members are known throughout the world for being “The Best of the Best” – because they know what they are doing and can always be relied on to deliver what is required – including a good eye for the aesthetic!  Our membership comprises all film specialisations in the camera department – from Directors of Photography through to loaders (and Camera Trainees) – plus Script Supervisors, DIT’s, Grips and Video Assist Supervisors.  Additional Specialists include Aerial Cinematographers and crew; Underwater Cinematographers and crew; Visual and Special Effects as well as Motion Control technicians.

 (T) 020 8813 1999; (E) info@gbct.org; (W) www.gbct.org