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GTC – Guild of Television Cameramen – Stand TA5

PrintThe GTC was formed in 1972 and now has over 1,340 members in countries as far afield as Australia, South Africa, the USA, Russia and Singapore. The majority live in the UK, are freelance and work in all aspects of television from corporate production through news and current affairs to documentary and drama. The GTC is a non-profit making organisation, run by a Council of around 20 volunteer television professionals. It is financed partly by members’ subscriptions but also by considerable sponsorship from a number of equipment manufacturers and suppliers, both large and small, from throughout the industry. As a result, the GTC offers a channel for manufacturers to consult with working cameramen when designing new equipment. Our aim is to preserve the professional status of television cameraman and to establish, uphold and advance standards and expertise within our profession.

Come and see us on stand TA5 or visit our website www.gtc.org.uk


The GTC produces two publications Zerb, and GTC In Focus.


Zerb is twice yearly and is unique in that it is both edited and largely written by cameramen. Each issue is edited by a different member of the GTC acting as guest editor with the overall operation overseen by a managing editor for continuity. This system ensures that material in the magazine is predominantly ‘from the cameraman’s point of view’ and strives to be topical, objective and always of interest to working cameramen, featuring an entertaining mix of technical information and human stories related to the craft of camerawork.


GTC In Focus is quarterly and brings news from the GTC Council, plus information about developments in the industry and products from our sponsor companies. It includes announcements about forthcoming workshops and events, as well as feedback from those that have just happened, and is packed with news and views from members. There are tips, ‘funnies’ and an occasional look back in history, not to mention a list of new members and contact details for the people that run the GTC.