IN2CORE launches ScreenPort SDI, a unique device which turns your iPad, iPhone or Mac into a professional monitor & recorder. ScreenPort app provides video controls, analysis and recording tools unmatched by most professional monitors. “Today’s tablets and smartphones feature amazing displays that often exceed the quality of dedicated portable and on-board monitors. In addition to wide gamut colors, low power consumption and ultra-low weight, they offer superior touchscreen interface and incredible computing power… but they lack video input. Most video professionals already own an iPad or iPhone, so instead of purchasing dedicated field monitor, they can just add ScreenPort SDI and turn their personal device into the smartest SDI monitor.” said Vladislav Struhar, CTO of IN2CORE.

ScreenPort SDI is a perfect companion for run & gun video assist, script supervisors or video engineers. It is lightweight and can run on batteries. When connected over USB it will even charge the iPad – or in case of Mac, it will use USB to power itself. If wireless connection is preferred, it can stream video to your device over Wi-Fi. In addition to timecode and record flag, ScreenPort SDI can read camera metadata embedded into the SDI signal. This includes clip name, camera speed, shutter, focal length, focus distance and other useful information. All extracted metadata is available during recording and playback.

ScreenPort SDI comes with a free app that provides monitoring, recording and playback, color calibration using X-Rite ColorTrue system, custom frame lines, video scopes, focus peaking, etc. Additionally, powerful QTAKE applications can be used to provide realtime compositing, editing and color correction tools, cloud based streaming and project collaboration, hand-drawn frame-based notes and much more.

ScreenPort SDI has been introduced for the first time at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, USA in April 2019 and it has been selected by NAB Show Live! team as one of the Favourite Picks of the show.

ScreenPort SDI started shipping in late August and is available immediately for 899 EUR. For more information, visit stand 126 (QTAKE/Ovide Smart) at BSC Expo during Jan 31 – Feb 01, 2020 or website