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Indu-Electric – Stand 106

INDU-ELECTRIC Power Distribution UK Ltd

Roundwood House

134-136 Lane End Road

HP12 4HX High Wycombe


Phone: +44 203 7947290

Mobile: +44 7957 031311

Mail:     eva@indu-electric.co.uk

Web:    http://www.indu-electric.co.uk

INDU-ELECTRIC has been a family owned business for more than 2 Generations. For the past 3 decades INDU-ELECTRIC has been globally manufacturing portable power distribution systems for industrial and entertainment industries.

We are proud to provide our customers with one of the world’s most advanced enclosure designs in the electrical industry. Our enclosures are made out of THERMOLENE.

THERMOLENE is non-conductive, self extinguishing and virtually indestructible. It’s patented formula is designed to tolerate extreme mechanical strain at low and high temperatures. The low heat transfer resistance ensures optimal heat dissipation.

THERMOLENE enclosures won’t break, lose color or shape like other materials do, even when exposed to direct sunlight for many years.

With INDU – ELECTRIC Power Distribution equipment, adverse weather conditions are one less thing you have to worry about.

By choosing INDU-ELECTRIC you can be assured of continuous reliability in mud, rain, snow or other unexpected challenging situations.

Our advanced non- conductive/ non corrosive enclosure system combines the state of art in safety and weather resistance.

A Power Distribution box from INDU-ELECTRIC is a commitment to Safety, Quality, Reliability and Design.

Indu-Electric has been the entertainment industry’s premier manufacture of custom non-conductive power distribution boxes  for  motion picture, indoor and outdoor events, theatrical, audio visual, conventions and international touring.