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LiteGear – Stand 425

litegearFor 2017, LiteGear continues to fill out the options and accessories for the popular LiteTile product family.  The new LiteBox is a lightweight, modular softbox system designed to make LiteTile more user friendly.  With adjustable frame depths of 1”, 6” and 12” and three diffusion options for both LiteTile sizes, there’s sure to be a LiteBox for every scene.  The LiteBox can be rigged in any number of ways with optional Baby Pins, Clamps, Hinges and loads of attachment points.  If control is what the DP calls for, there are optional SnapGrids for each LiteBox size as well

Speaking of SnapGrids, LiteGear is proud to announce that there are now SnapGrids and SnapBags for every size of the popular LiteMat fixtures.  These new 3rd party accessories are a fantastic addition to the existing line, and provide a whole new look and feel to LiteMat.  In fact, the new SnapBags almost double the aperture of each fixture effectively turning a LiteMat 1 into the physical size of a LiteMat 2 as an example.

In the LiteRibbon world, LiteGear is extremely proud to announce the new LiteDimmer Studio 5×8.  This advanced DMX-controlled LiteRibbon dimmer is capable of controlling 5 channels of 100W at 12v or 200W at 24v – that’s 8 amps maximum per channel.   Features include: Single, Hybrid, RGB+Hybrid, and RGBA/W+Single modes; Variable PWM Frequencies; Variable Dimmer (Gamma) Curves; 8-Bit or 16-Bit Operation and RDM capable.  Quite simply this is the most advanced LiteDimmer available on the market today.