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LSC Lighting – Stand 425

LCA will be demonstrating the award-winning Mantra Lite, an entry level and affordable lighting console that takes away the steep learning curve required to operate complex lighting fixtures. Simple to setup, program and run your show at any user level.

The Mantra can control virtually any type of fixture including LEDs and moving lights. The majority of the fixture templates of the branded fixtures are all accessible from the on-board library. You can even create your own on the console quickly and easily with the built-in Fixture Template Wizard.

The Mantra has a custom designed App-driven user interface that offers the user a colourful, simple and intuitive programming experience. Simply select any of your 24 fixtures, (expandable up to 48 fixtures via a Mantra USB wing) select your icon for colour, beam or position, pick your look and record it as a playback. Simple!

For more complex colour and position effects then the ‘Animate’ function is a powerful FX engine that allows the user to easily create complex colour and position chases in seconds.

With 10 Playbacks over 10 pages, dedicated Flash buttons and 250 Cues per cue-list, the Mantra will provide you with everything you need for a great looking production on a tight budget.