Luminys 200K SoftSun is now the world’s biggest and brightest single source light.

Hollywood, CA – October, 1st 2019 – Luminys Systems Corp., the leading developer and manufacturer of ultra-high-intensity lighting systems, introduces the newest addition to the award winning line of SoftSun fixtures; the 200K SoftSun.

The Luminys 200K SoftSun is now the largest and brightest single source fixture in the world, operating on 362 amps 3 Phase at 480 VAC or 350 amps 3 Phase at 380 VAC. The 200K SoftSun Light Head is 135.6” x 36” x 54” and weighs 390 lbs. The 200K SoftSun power supply, the UCD Maxi, is 26” x 33” x 42” and weighs 380 lbs.

“Like many of our best ideas, the 200K came about by filmmakers challenging us to help them achieve something never seen before.” said David Pringle, CEO and CTO, Luminys. “What’s so amazing about the 200K is that it is not just twice the output of our 100K SoftSun. The immense coverage area and outstanding light quality of the 200K, create a look and feel all it’s own.”

The 200K SoftSun bulbs is now the largest of our traditional Enhanced Spectrum Plasma® SoftSun bulbs, with a 95+ CRI at 5000ºK. The Beam angle is 100º horizontal, and can be narrowed from 35º to 18º vertically with the motorized spot/flood control. The 200K gel frame comes standard with every rental, and all 200K SoftSun units are compatible with DMX.

The Luminys 200K SoftSun is available immediately from Luminys and a worldwide network of rental distributors.

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About Luminys

Luminys Systems Corp., formerly Lightning Strikes, Inc., is the developer of the award-winning Lightning Strikes® and SoftSun® lighting systems for motion picture and television production, live events, entertainment venues, high-speed testing applications, and other industrial and professional uses.  Luminys is a subsidiary of CMPC, USA.

Luminys lighting systems offer up to 500,000 watts of intensity from a single source, with high-quality light (5400º Kelvin and 96+ CRI) that can dim to 3% of maximum output without shift in color temperature.  Luminys™ is a vertically integrated in-house design, engineering and manufacturing company providing application-specific lighting solutions and control systems.