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MAT – Mad About Technology – Stand 603


The art of camera motion intensifies the power of Movie- and TV-Productions. MAT – Mad About Technology invents, manufactures, sells and rents Specialized Remote Camera Systems.
With 40 years of experience, we are one of the technology leaders that producers, directors, and cinematographers from all over the world turn to again and again to deliver solutions that no one thought were possible. Our bookings include international Movie- and TV-Productions, Shows, Concerts, Sport Events, Studio Installations …
We are partners with the best and a driving force in the Specialized Remote Camera System market as a rental house, service partner, manufacturer and system provider. Our unique camera systems can handle almost anything at any location, whether small or large, ground based or up in the air.
MAT has an impressive range of equipment, including advanced technologies like the Academy Award Winning MAT-TOWERCAM® TWIN PEEK and the newest product > the MAT-COSMO® Dolly.