Great quality lighting is a cornerstone of all great productions, we pride ourselves at Photon Beard on creating quality luminaries that meet and exceed your expectations.  When we approached the LED market we held back from simply putting lots of LED’s onto a board and outputting poor quality white light.  We waited until we found remote phosphor LED, so we adapted our PhotonBeam 800W Redhead to offer an 80W LED solution which gives similar light output to a 400W tungsten redhead.  In fact if you were to add a gel or dichroic to your conventional redhead you would get similar output to our new daylight PB80. We believe it was well worth waiting for.

New for 2018 we are launching a range of lighting kits and we are pleased to present the first one. “The Solo Kit”.  Designed for basic 3 point, single subject lighting, the kit is built around our award winning PB80 LED redhead and includes everything you need for a small lighting set up. Each kit contains 3x PB80 dimmable lamp heads with daylight remote phosphor discs and barn doors, battery plates, 1x soft box, 3x floor stands and a lighting bag. With all this in one easy to transport kit you can get to work creating great projects wherever you choose in no time at all with confidence the lighting is exactly as you need it.

Later kits will utilise our Highlight LED range and include remote DMX control, varying in size from single person operation to a full studio kit.

The PB80 redhead uses remote phosphor technology instead of standard LED which means you get truly outstanding and reliable quality of light both on and off camera. When tested by Alan Roberts for TLCI our daylight phosphor discs scored a respectable 95/100. With one button control these lamps are quick and easy to use which is why they quickly become a firm favourite of anyone who uses them. If you decide to expand your kit there is a range of extras including tungsten discs, 98Wh batteries, chargers and a battery bag. To change from 5600K to 3200K takes under one minute and you can be certain that your “white” light is full spectrum and repeatable every time.  All existing accessories for our redhead ranges are fully compatible with these lamp heads.

The Solo kit is available exclusively from our dealers. Visit for more information.

Photon beard will be exhibiting at BSC Expo and BVE in London and NAB in Las Vegas where you will be able to see the Solo kit amongst all our other great products and meet the team for a demo.

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