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Panavision – Stand 500

We are the leading manufacturers of power distribution products for the entertainment industry.

After originally forming the company in 1988, with the vision of manufacturing and selling electrical equipment to the construction industry. The shift came in 1994 when SES Film & TV was formed as a trading division. Since becoming a limited company in 1995 SES have become the leading manufactures of power distribution for the entertainment industry.

We are incredibly proud to be British manufacturers, and we have built our reputation in this industry by using the highest quality components, combined with a customer focussed approach to the design and production of our equipment. We provide both temporary and permanent industries with power equipment covering every type of event from festivals to theatre companies, and film sets to product launches. For the last ten years we have been involved in most of the live events, and films in the UK. However, as we supply so many rental companies, working on so many productions, it is difficult to know where our kit ends up. We have also initiated partnerships with various companies throughout the world to ensure that the events needing power, are done so to our very high standards

With over seventy five percent of our products being custom built to individual clients specification, our range caters to every aspect of the entertainment industry. Whether we are providing some of our off the shelf stock items, or a bespoke designed rack built for a specific purpose. The strict testing routine that each of our boxes and racks goes through means that they are more fit for purpose than anything else available.

Within the last few years we have been developing a number of new ranges, investing in partnerships to increase the range of products we offer, designing an international Webshop for our customers in the UAE, and setting up the SES Academy to ensure that people within the industry are working safely.

We are a BS EN ISO 9001:2000 accredited organisation and are members of PLASA.

Unit F Riding Court Farm,
Riding Court Road,
Tel: +44 (0) 1753 585050
Fax: +44 (0) 1753 585059