Facilities house Picture Canning has recently expanded its growing selection of rare and in-demand lenses.

The company recently announced that it had added a full 12-lens set of Leica Summilux-C Primes to its kit list. The groundbreaking line of PL mount primes is designed to deliver ultra-high optical performance for both film and digital images. The full set is comprised of 12 focal lengths, from 16mm to 135mm, while a unique focusing mechanism expands the focus scale in the most critical range.

Jamie Hutchinson, MD of Picture Canning, said: “The full 12-lens set of Leica Primes can be hard to find, so we’re pleased to be able to offer these to our clients for rental.”

Picture Canning has also been expanding its vintage lens stock. This now includes a set of Canon K35s prime lenses, ideal for a wide range of productions from commercials, fashion shoots, branded content and music videos, given their unique flares and halation characteristics.

Picture Canning also recently acquired a set of Cooke XTAL Anamorphics. These high-speed vintage lenses are believed to be one of only about 8 sets in the world, and offer DPs cinematic flares and distortions, without losing any image detail.

Jamie said: “Over the last few months we have received a increasing number of enquiries about vintage lens sets from our clients, who love the look and feel that can be achieved with them.

“We’re constantly updating our equipment stock to make sure our clients have access to the best possible kit. Knowing that we are now able to provide them with some of the hardest to find lens sets in the country is a fantastic feeling.”

Picture Canning will be exhibiting a range of equipment at the BSC Expo 2018, at stand 505. 

For more details about Picture Canning’s kit list, or to enquire about bookings, contact Picture Canning on 0207 998 0490 (London), 0161 457 0566 (Manchester) or 0191 265 0061 (Newcastle).

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