The BSC Panels & Seminars

The BSC Expo includes a packed two day programme of free to attend seminars and discussion panels.



TV Drama: In Practice

Moderated by Stephen Murphy BSC ISC

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The “TV Drama: In Practice” panel will be a casual and frank conversation with 6 Cinematographers about working in what many perceive as a golden age of TV Drama Cinematography. Topics to be discussed will include “Breaking into TV drama”, “Shooting Block 1 vs Shooting a later Block”, “Bringing your taste to later seasons of an established show”, “Choosing the right crew for Block 1 + Inheriting a crew for later Blocks”, “Managing your time on set + How fast you need to work”, “Collaborating with The Director vs Collaborating with The Showrunner”, “Ambition, Managing expectations and The TV Drama Schedule” and hopefully a lot more.

The Panel will be lead by Stephen Murphy BSC, ISC (Mr and Mrs Smith, Atlanta) and he will be joined by Gavin Finney BSC (Good Omens, The Undeclared War), Ed Moore BSC (Hijack, Somewhere Boy), Catherine Goldschmidt (House of the Dragon, A Discovery of Witches), Vanessa Whyte (Ted Lasso, All Creatures Great and Small), and Simona Susnea (Heart Stopper, Audry).

Each of the Cinematographers is at a different place in their Drama career so the panel should provide an interesting discussion from many points of view.


The Power of the Image

The importance of how and why, we choose our images?

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PANELLISTS: Stuart Bentley Cinematographer (Palio)
Ellen Kuras: Cinematographer
Other guest speakers TBC


Behind the Look of Frozen Planet II: A Panel Discussion with the Visionary Filmmakers

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Join us for an enlightening and captivating panel discussion with Natural History producer Mandi Stark and some of the talented filmmakers behind the BBC series ‘Frozen Planet II’.

Discover the untold stories and challenges that these filmmakers faced while capturing the breathtaking footage of the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Get an insider’s perspective on the creative process, the latest technology used and the incredible teamwork that brought this stunning series to life.

Whether you’re a filmmaker, a fan of nature documentaries, or just someone who loves exploring the world, this panel discussion is not to be missed!