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Sk8Plate – Stand 531

sk8plate-logo-for-bscexpo-2017Sk8plate camera tracking system by Elastic Eye Media Ltd. Created by Elastic Eye Media Ltd, the Sk8plate camera tracking system is the most versatile modular cine slider on the market. It can track cameras from DSLR to Arri in normal mode or underslung for overhead shots. It will also perform motorised timelape, convert to a table top Skater performing circular tracking shots or even become a standard Hi-Hat. Elastic Eye Media Ltd also sell a range of innovative grip accessories from angled adjustment plates, slider / jib arm tripods, mini magic arms and remote motorised timelapse systems to compliment the Sk8plate camera dolly or any of your other filming needs. The Sk8plate camera dolly was designed by a British cameraman needing a strong, lightweight, easy to transport and affordable modular tracking system.