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BSC Expo 2024 WiFi Order Form:

Form Purpose

Battersea Evolution through the new suppliers Max WiFi have invested heavily in infrastructure to improve connectivity throughout the venue.

We have secured a Premium WiFi Package exclusively for Exhibitors. Please complete this form to order this service.


If you have difficulty submitting the form, or need more information, email us at bscexpo@scs-expo.co.uk or call +44 (0)1428 609 382


Hard Wired Connections also available. Please see the form in the Exhibitor Manual or contact Rob Watson of Max WiFi on rob@maxwifi.co.uk or Tel: +44(0)7393 074336

To avoid and reduce interference and ensure the best WiFi Service for everyone the installation of your own WiFi network is only allowed in accordance with the WiFi terms and conditions:

BSC 2024 – Installing WiFi Terms and Conditions

The installation of your own WiFi network at BSC Expo is only allowed in accordance with the WiFi terms and conditions.

These terms are designed to reduce interference and ensure the best WiFi service level for everyone attending and exhibiting at the event.

If exhibitors are found to be breaking these guidelines, Max WiFi reserve the right to terminate the internet connection with no refund. 

These guidelines also apply to any equipment broadcasting on the 5GHz spectrum including any 5G hotspots etc.

Power levels

The user will ensure that their network SSID will be broadcasted with a Transmit Power less than 25mW. The on-site venue IT team of the venue reserve the right to go directly to the user and ask them to decrease the transmission power and/or change the assigned channel at any moment during the show if the user does not comply with the WiFi terms and conditions. The user is responsible for adequate knowledge to adjust his equipment to comply with these Terms & Conditions. Adjustments must be effective immediately.

Channel Selection / Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)

If the WiFi access point supports this feature, DFS must be disabled. The WiFi access point must work with a fixed channel (See below).

The users own WiFi equipment must be configured with these channels:

  • Channel 1 on the 2.4GHz frequency band
  • Channel 36 on the 5GHz frequency band – 20MHz channel width only

Other channels including channel bonding is not permitted. Only channel 36 on 20MHz is allowed.


  • The broadcasted SSID must clearly include the name of the company on the booth and visible at all times for identification purposes. A hidden SSID is not permitted.
  • The word ‘BSC’ is not allowed to be used in any part of an SSID.
  • ‘Free wifi’ or variations of this as (part of) the SSID are not allowed
  • The event name or variation of the event name is not allowed as SSID


IEEE Standards: IEEE 802.11g/n, IEEE 802.11a/n/ac (IEEE 802.11b is not permitted)

Minimum security: WEP, Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) or WPA

For any questions relating to these terms and conditions please contact evolution@maxwifi.co.uk