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XD Motion – Stand 100


xd motion XD motion is an international company expert in aerial filming and multi-dimensional tracking solutions based on innovating gyro-stabilized systems. Aerial shots from helicopters, multi-dimensional cables or traveling tracks, robotic arm vehicles and Drones RPAS. We use the latest gyro-stabilized heads technology from 3 to 6-axis, auto horizon axis and open architecture to accommodate all sizes, models of cameras and lenses systems existing on the market.

XD motion is the European sales and support partner of GSS. GSS Systems are the smallest and lightest system in the world to integrate all of the most popular Digital cinema and Broadcast cameras. Cameras and lenses can be swapped out in less than 30 minutes, quicker than any other gyro-stabilized system on the market. GSS systems do not have ITAR restrictions, and Vector Steering allows for look-down capability with no gimbal lock. No auxiliary junction unit is required and with in-flight calibration, GSS systems have an unbeatable horizon reference